Career Aptitude Test

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Successful professionals in their field of practice both enjoy what they prefer to do, and have a good match of their strengths in different aspects, innate and developed skills and abilities with the role that they play in their respective careers. On the other end, there are also ufortunate unhappy and unsuccessful professionals who are practicing for the sake of practicing the profession, without much fun, enjoyment, direction and career satisfaction. By statistics, those who were not able to get a good match of their personal desires, on how they want themselves to self actualize in the society, as well as those who failed to recognize their strengths as relevant characteristics in a specific profession turned out to be unsuccessful, unhappy, negligent and frustrated with the path they took. This is one of the reasons that career aptitude tests are made and are being administered to incoming highschool and college students. A career aptitude test is developed to prevent future professionals or workers to make mistakes in their respective career path of choice and produce satisfied and successful ones that are best suited to and well screened for their career or job roles.

Career aptitude test is a type of an assessment tool which is meant to evaluate or measure various abilities or areas of strengths (skills, abilities and talents) and areas of weaknesses and/or improvement of an individual. Included in the tests are sets of questions about the person's interests, preference, hobbies, style of working, style of learning and a gauge of one's social and interpersonal skills. Also the sets of questions or battery tests may be categorized into different areas of skills and abilities. In the revised David's Battery of Differential Abilities (DBDA ) tests, these include the following areas: verbal ability, numerical ability, spatial ability, closure ability, reasoning ability and lastly, mechanical ability. The verbal ability tests measures the level of comprehension to words and ideas both on oral and written language. The numerical ability tests gauges the proficiency in manipulating and playing with numbers and related operations.The spatial ability test is concerned with the skills in perception of spatial patterns with accuracy and is very important in careers such as architecture, interior design, and engineering, to name a few. Closure ability tests are concerned with measuring the ability to fill in the gaps or missing parts of a whole, which is based on the Gestalt psychology. Reasoning ability tests and mechanical ability tests measure logic and understanding of the many basic mechanical principles respectively.

Career aptitude test questions should be answered completely and as honestly as possible so as to reveal the best result for one's career matching. The test is not a guage of how excellent, intelligent or generally how good an individual is but is meant to help him/her eliminate confusion and doubts in career path and be able to choose the right and the best career that is adequately suited for and preferred. These questions were constructed and will be assessed by a team of experts on human resource, qualified and certified psychometricians as well as by experienced psychologists.

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The career aptitude test based on the revised David's Battery of Differential Abilities (DBDA) is scientifically designed by the educational and career experts and is recognized as a test of international standards.